Hers/Yours Discovery Set

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A beautiful way to discover..... the set includes five perfumes with 1.5ml in each, featuring roller bottle.


SOJOURN (Hers): STAY A WHILE-Tranquillity & Calm
Soft musky scent with slight floral undertones with notes of rose geranium, amber, ylang ylang & elemi. 
INTREPID (Hers): FOR THE FEARLESS-Inspire & Uplift 
Spicy with an oriental sweetness with notes of ylang yalng, cinnamon, clove & amber.
FERNWEH (Hers): ACHE FOR CHANGE-Relax & Focus 
Classic floral with notes of jasmine, rosewood, rose geranium, tangerine & vanilla.
Sweet, sensual and rich with notes of juniper, orange, ho wood, ambrette and amber.
ODYSSEY (Yours): FOR THE SPIRIT-Calm & Repair 
Herbaceous, spicy with a hint of musk with notes of clary sage, frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood & vanilla.


Organic jojoba oil, 100% pure essential oils (natural and organic), vitamin E. For full ingredients list, please refer to the individual full-sized product.

  • Proudly made in WA
  • Vegan
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • No synthetic fragrance 
  • No alcohol, artificial preservatives or other nasties.


Whilst we have tested products extensively and have gone to every effort to create safe products, everyone's skin chemistry is different and we can not account for allergies or sensitivities. 

External use only. We recommend a 24-hour patch test on a small area of skin with any new product before using. If irritation occurs please discontinue use and if necessary, consult your doctor. 

This product is not recommended for children under the age of 10. Young children's skin is different from older children and adults. Their skin is more sensitive, more permeable and more likely to react. Consider trying more diluted oils that are labelled Child Safe.