Forced change strengthens the village

Forced change strengthens the village

A couple of years ago, we vacated in Kalumunda, a beautiful, parkland suburb about 30km west of Perth City. While there, we stepped into a magical space, the Herb Circle.

We got chatting to Kath, the owner, and we happened to mention our new start up. A few minutes later Kath had promised to stock our products (once we had some)! True to her word, our natural deodorant range now sits among a treasure trove of essential oils, natural skincare, self-care books, candles and countless other feel good items for mind, body and spirit.

Although Herb Circle stocks exciting finds from all over the world, Kath is passionate about supporting West Australian small businesses. Local brands such as Harmony Oils, Tinderbox and Kinfolk Apothecary are prominent among other worldly wonders.

The Herb Circle has long been a thriving destination for locals and tourists alike, for items that promote holistic health, positivity and strength so we asked Kath how Covid-19 has affected their popularity.

Her answer beamed with positivity! Although she had to restrict people entering, run orders to vulnerable locals and enforce strict Covid-19 social distancing, she has found her tribe to be especially supportive. This meant she could stay open during the pandemic. Customers have continued to support her business and show their respect by following the store’s new rules, much to Kath’s surprise and gratitude.

Kath told us she feels so relieved and proud to have continued nurturing her customers and stay (emotionally) close to them in a time that is causing so much disconnection and turmoil.

The Herb circle has found its resilience in weathering this unprecedented situation. It has gifted Kath strength for the future and a renewed faith in the people in her local community.

Kath also explains the increased support and care small local businesses are showing each other as they seem to be experiencing a deeper connection, having more time to simply stop and ask “Are you doing OK?” and actually listen to the answer.

When we asked Kath what she is learning from this upheaval, she had this to say. “It showed to me that we can adapt and change and conform to aid the overall community, for the help of everyone.”

Maybe adapting means a return to village to appreciate it’s value, especially in tough times. Hopefully, we don’t lose sight of that when life returns to ‘normal’. That value will still exist. It doesn’t deserve to be overshadowed by whoever is yelling the loudest, selling the cheapest or looking the brightest. 



Kath de Gaye has been running the Herb Circle since 2011 which is a 30-year-old business. Through all its changes, it has retained its original spirit of providing customers with a special shopping experience that ensures you leave feeling good about yourself.

Kath especially wanted to let you know about their extensive range of 100% essential oils and natural, oil infused cleaning products by Harmony Oils. Do check out this store if you are over that way, it’s a unique experience.


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