How can I refill and save on packaging while saving $?

Currently we offer refills on the 60g deodorant range to help save packaging and to reuse the large tins.
Following the below instructions helps us give you a 10% discount by saving us time. 


  1. Please always wipe out your tin when empty so there is no visible deodorant inside or outside the tin.
  2. Use a dry cloth to wipe.
  3. Do not wash with water as the tin will eventually rust with too much moisture.
  4. We sterilise the tin when it comes to us.


  1. Wipe tin well as mentioned.
  2. Write your first name and mobile number on the back of the tin with permanent marker (or leave note in the tin with these details).
  3. Drop tin to anyone of our stalls at the markets we attend. Check out our Markets page for dates. 
  4. Pay for refill which is 10% off the normal price.
  5. You might need another deodorant while you are waiting for the refill. 
  6. We then refill your tin when we make our next batch of deodorant. 
  7. We then text you when it is ready to pick up from any of our markets. 
  8. Come and pick up deodorant from any market and say 'HI' to us. 


  1. Wipe tin/s well as mentioned.
  2. Send tin/s to: ELIA balms & blends, PO box 1293, Bibra Lake PO, WA, 6163.
  3. Please include return address and email address for invoicing.
  4. We will then invoice you the amount owed to refill the tins. This includes 10% off the normal retails price and the postage fee back to you.
  5. The quicker you pay your invoice, the quicker we can refill your tins. 
  6. We then refill your tin/s when we make our next batch of deodorant.
  7. We will then send your full tins back to you in the same postage package you sent to save more packaging.

You and the earth will be winning!