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Natural soaps need to drain!

We can't say it enough. Natural soaps need a little more TLC than your 'off the shelf' soap.


Because we don't include palm oil or salts in our soaps, the bars are not quite as hard as commercial soap. Therefore, draining them between use is essential to get the most out of them. 

Make drainage easy with this little beauty of a Soap Dish.

Lightweight and versatile for any surface, this holder keeps your natural soap in fine form. 

These Soap Dishes are made from plantation farmed beech wood and have a light finish

These stylish Soap Dishes are made from plantation farmed beech wood, are lightly finished and tight-grained to avoid the wood absorbing water.


Length - 131mm
Width -   95mm
Depth -   19mm

The Dish will easily hold and drain a large bar or 2 smaller bars.