5 reasons natural paste deodorants are the best.

ELIA balms & blends Pure natural and effective deodorant.

We wanted to share 5 solid reasons why we decided to make our natural deodorant range in a paste form. Everyone is different and there are so many natural deodorant choices out there and we wanted to help you make the right decision for you.

We are not so bias to think that paste is best just because we make it. The truth is, we make our deodorants it in a paste because we think that’ the best form and naturally gives you the best odour coverage for longer.

After trying at least 15 different natural deodorants in various forms for over 4 years (with mixed results ) we set out to make the best and most effective natural deodorant. We truly believe that comes in the form of a paste.

Please don’t be fooled into thinking all natural paste deodorants are created equal though. It takes a very specific combination of quality ingredients to allow a deodorant paste to soak into your skin well, leave no marks, be effective and not too oily or dry. You shouldn’t have to put up with a second-grade product because you have chosen to go natural. That’s why we took our time to make that perfect combination.

Paste deodorant has come a long way and is certainly not a new concept. Over 130 years ago the very first commercial deodorant was a paste, patented in 1888 named ‘Mum’ deodorant that used a waxy substance and Zinc Oxide to combat odour. Then came all the different applications we see on the market today, but we still think ‘Mum’ was onto something.

Although paste deodorant has been around for a while and has come in and out of popularity, the questions still come pouring in, including our personal favourite: Is it lip balm?? For the record, its not great on the lips, much better under the arms!

It’s clear to us that we need to provide clarity about why we chose to create paste deodorant over a roll on, stick or spray.

Here are 5 solid reasons.

  1. Paste stays in the skin better and for longer.

With a perfected balance of clay, powder, wax, oil and salts, a quality paste deodorant will soak into the top few layers of skin and stay there even after you sweat. As it's not water based, paste will not drip off as readily when your sweat comes in contact with it. It simply deals with the bacteria in your sweat to take away the odour. The clay properties also absorb some of the moisture leaving you dryer for longer.

  1. Paste is more hygienic.

Unlike a roll on or stick you are not introducing excess bacteria back into the product from your armpits. With a paste, only the small amount of product you use comes in contact with your armpits. To further reduce bacteria entering your paste, use one of our Bamboo Spatulas to scoop your deodorant from its container.

  1. Pastes don’t need any harsh preservatives.

Any water-based product must rely on a non-natural preservative to keep it fresh and bacteria free over time. A paste containing only wax oil and dry ingredients can safely rely on natural preservatives such as Vitamin E and other antimicrobials to prolong its life by dealing with any bacteria introduced.  Here’s an interesting article produced by From Nature With Love explaining the use of preservatives in natural products.   

  1. Your paste will last you longer.

You scoop out exactly what you need with no over-spray, or over-roll. That means you’re in control of how much you use, and you are getting the most value from your product.

  1. Paste can help your immune system.

To be clear, it’s not so much the paste, but the massaging action of applying the paste, that does this. Some of your lymph nodes are in your arm pits and are part of your lymphatic system that supports a healthy immune system. Many studies have shown that massaging the lymphatic system is also helpful in treating fatigue, digestion, arthritis, stress, insomnia, and many other conditions. Check out this article in Medical News Today  for more information. Be assured, the article is screened by a number of health professionals.

We hope this has helped you chose the right natural deodorant for you and your family and would love to hear about your natural journey. Leave a comment below to let us know if this has been helpful for you. Or if you have tried our products, leave a review on any of the product pages in the website to help others with their decision.

Here’s to making natural come a little more naturally together.

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