Choosing a scent without smelling first

Choosing a scent without smelling first



It can be a difficult process choosing a perfume online if you've never smelt it before.

But I know you can.

Here, I help you connect your mind and olfactory (smell) sense to guide you through my range. I want you to be able to choose from the carefully developed ‘Journey’s range with confidence.

In this article I share the basics of how I make a balanced scent, how they develop on your skin and explain to you what my Natural Perfumes smell like.

I guarantee that this will help you choose your favourite ELIA Natural Perfume.

Let’s get started!

Mixing oils is a complex process but simply speaking, most scents are made up of different notes (types of smells) that “reveal themselves” over time, after contact with your skin.

These are broken up into 3 main groups: top, middle and base notes. 

  • Top notes are the first notes you smell and the ones that disappear the quickest. These fresh and light notes can consist of oils like, lemon, basil, lime, mandarin, orange, tangerine, grapefruit, bergamot, coriander and petitgrain.
  • Middle notes (also known as the heart notes) are slightly heavier than top notes. Middle notes make up the majority of the perfume and last longer on your skin. These oils can be lavender, rose geranium, black pepper, cardamom, ho wood, juniper, bay, and rosemary.
  • Base notes are where our perfumes really shine. Base notes are intense, heavy in scent but not generally picked up at first. They last the longest on your skin. These heady wonders include oils like cedarwood, rosewood, patchouli, vanilla, clove, frankincense and vetiver.

There are also some oils that can move between the note categories, depending on how much I used and what else I blend them with.

 Always remember that your skin is the final ingredient of the experience and natural perfumes smell a little different on everyone. 


I have developed 7 unique blends, and broken them up into 3 groups of His, Hers and Yours. My complex and immaculately balanced scents suit a range of preferences. Your discerning nose will be satisfied whether you like floral, spicy, woody, sweet, fresh, dry or earthy perfumes.

It pays to note that the gender guide is only a guide to what are traditionally considered masculine or feminine scents. I highly encourage you to explore the whole range to find what suits you as an individual.  

Now I'd like to share the notes of each of my creations and take a look at the descriptive visualisations that add meaning to each ‘Journey’.



SEAFARER – The crusader

Be as the sea, unpredictable, strong and adapt to the tides and ever-changing horizons. Strong salty swells will throw you off course and be ever present to draw you back in. Shelter in the wooden hull, enjoy the warmth of aged whiskey, the remanence of pipe smoke and spice. Settle into a new understanding of self and continue the voyage.


Top - mandarin, clary sage and petitgrain.

Middle - black pepper, cardamom, bay and cypress.

Base - ambrette, cedarwood, clove, amyris, patchouli, frankincense and vetiver.

For those who like Smoky, spicy and woody scents.

Find strength and resilience in this blend of oils.

I love it and want to buy now!


ROVER – Wander freely

Your bare feet connect with the earth as you breathe in botanical freshness around you. You are free with a wanderlust that drives you into the expanse. Feel the soil, herbs and timbre surround you and change, their scent coming in and out of your consciousness.


Top - basil, bergamot, lime and lemon.

Middle – cardamom and black pepper.

Base - cinnamon, elemi, patchouli, cedarwood and sandalwood.

For those who like fresh, spicy herbaceous scents.

Oils contain properties to help you connect and align your being.

 I'm convinced, Rover is the one for me!



FERNWEH – Ache for change

You imagine losing yourself in the moment with good friends, caught up in the headiness of wine and playfulness. Surrounded by orange trees in full bloom, flowering geraniums and jasmine sambac that intoxicates your being. Night falls, flowers close, giving over to nostalgic patchouli and creamy musk. The ache for adventure and change lingers.


Top – bergamot, orange and tangerine.

Middle – rose geranium and rosewood.

Base – jasmine, patchouli, vanilla and clove.

For those who love a classic floral scent.

These oils have been known to relax and focus the mind.

 Fernweh needs to be mine now!


INTREPID – For the fearless.

Feel the mystery of an unknown adventure, fearlessly riding with the spicy side of life. Pass through orchards of dripping citrus noticing the sweet, heady incense of an oriental village. Stop to breathe in the aroma of an uplifting morning chai. Continue the sensual earthy journey.


Top – orange and bergamot.

Middle – lavender, ylang ylang and cinnamon.

Base – dark patchouli, clove, vanilla and amber.

For those who like spicy and slightly oriental sweetness.

The combination of these oils work to inspire and uplift your mood.

 This needs to be in my life!


SOJOURN – Stay a while.

It's time to be calm and savour the moment. Put your feet up, open your senses to the bouquet of roses on your side table. Subtle citrus steam emanates off your herbal tea. Give into the dreaminess of peppery, velvet musk as you unwind and let go.


Top – bergamot.

Middle – rose geranium and ylang ylang.

Base – dark patchouli, cedarwood, elemi, amber and frankincense.

For anyone who loves soft musk scents, and slight floral undertones.

Oils have been in this blend have been known to help achieve tranquility and calm.

I'm in love and can't live without Sojourn



ODYSSEY – For the spirit

Discover yourself. Awaken and soothe your senses, discovering the herbaceous powers of the earth. Return to a place where you are nurtured, where sweetness and calm dominate the pressures of life. Be seduced further into natures hold with peppery woody undertones, connected with the beginning.


Top notes – clary sage, coriander and orange.

Middle notes – cardamon and black pepper.

Base notes – cedarwood, frankincense, vetiver, myrrh, amber, sandalwood and vanilla.

Suited to those who enjoy herbaceous, spicy scents with a hint of musk.

Oils contained in this blend have been connected to calming and repairing the spirit.

 Cover me in this wonder! Now!


ENTRADA – Enter with confidence

Throw conformity and caution to the wind with a unique style only you can deliver. The smouldering wooden embers fire within you as you forge your way into unexplored territory. Stepping out is bold, bitter-sweet, captivating and sometimes even wildly spicy.


Top – orange, lemon, lime and bergamot.

Middle – juniper, lavender, cardamom and ho wood.

Base – cedarwood, ambrette and amber.

Suited to those who enjoy sweet, sensual and rich scents.

Many oils in this blend have been known to help soothe an uplift the mind.

I don't know how I ever lived without it!


If you read this far and couldn’t decide on your favourite blend, I want to personally hear from you.

Come and see us at one of the many markets we attend or send me a message (button right of this page) and we can help you choose.

Happy choosing!


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